Thursday, July 15, 2010

My First Origami - Little Monkey

OMG! Its been a long time didn't updated my blog.
Well, Facebook did a very good job instead of blog actually. XDXDXD
Anyway, blog can wrote down more we story...essay..etc

When I was child, Origami always my favorite hobbies.
Indeed its also the most cheapest hobbies ever. I started complex origami since I was 12yrs old. Thanks my dad presented me few origami books bought from Japan.
How to definite a 'complex origami'? There got rules: Mostly start from a square or rectangle paper.
No cutting allowed to folded out many branches like legs, fingers, teethes, scale..etc.
I'm so admired the origami designer who created awesome origami without Diagrams but created Diagrams.
Its became one of my childhood dream "I want to be like them".
But it seem impossible to me causes all my origami books wrote in Japanese. =.=lll

After 15yrs later. I met this book, author by Robert J.Lang.
Is it might make my childhood's dream come true?
I read when I got free-times. Can't digest all ofcourse I'm not a genius~! LOL
I'm studying on it..slowly.... and today was 1st tried on it. XD
Here we go, my first ever own designed origami.
Tried a simple 12x12 grid with Box-Pleating technique.

No banana for you....^ ^Will keep on design and fold more new origami~!

Ah wait, should done my ACI examsss 1st...Ganbateh~^ ^

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