Monday, April 6, 2009

Pain+ Ball Day~

29th March 2009-Paint Ball Day
Me, Auto & YaoFeng ready to wear up our full body jumpsuit.XD
" I knew I gonna look like a freak cable guy...but its really fun~! XD"

Briefing the rules...1 23
1."You cant take off yer's mask inside the battle field, even you can't breath or you feel wanna die~!"
2. "Same~~."


Yeah,done. Look cool~!
"Actually its felt hot like Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie...etc"

Nicolance, me & Carson...We are same team~!
"Let's godai together~~....."
*shooting scenes
"Oh yeah, I kena shoot~! my teammate = =''
It's pain, but it's make my day too..Oush~! -.^v
Thanks to all of u 65's guys~!

For more pics & infomation. Welcome to Carson's Blog here. XDXDXD


carsonyim said...

friendly fired hahaha, I nvr kena anyone and nvr kena by anyone... merhhh....

Hoyi said...

No problem dude~
I ll let u taste it for next game XDXDXD